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Art | Song Salon: Power

Nov 20th, 7:30-9pm

The Embassy Network

399 Webster St



“It's all mirror, mirror on the wall because beauty is power the same way money is power the same way a gun is power.” 
Chuck Palahniuk, from Invisible Monsters

Power: It is something that is strived for, to be attained, and all too often-- abused. It often separates the haves from the haves nots, and sometimes determines who lives and who dies. 

On Thursday night, November 20th, Art | Song Salon is excited to present Constantine Zlatev, an internationally acclaimed installation artist, for a one-night only discussion of his "The Last Gun" installation. "The Last Gun" is a mechano-robotic flute built out of a disabled shotgun and salvaged industrial components that is connected to compressed air and data that charts, then musically depicts the rise & fall of annual U.S. arms exports. The flute’s aural response is based upon a value judgment. See more:

We are also very honored to have Victor D. Cartagena, a renowned multi-disciplinary visual artist, who will be showing his powerful, large-scale drawings and paintings examining socio-political landscapes; installations that explore what it is to be human, and where his personal life journey, including childhood and adolescence in a war-torn country, intersects with ongoing and current political and global realities. See more of his art on his website:

To inspire our discussion of power and its consequences, Jessica Wan, soprano, and Tim Eischens, piano, will present songs by Mozart, Schubert, and Strauss that look at power from a variety of perspectives: tragic, seemingly lighthearted, and reflective.

"Power: An Art | Song Salon" will be one that lives up to its name, and can't be missed! Buy tickets in advance:

We're looking for volunteers - help us with the show and attend for free! Email


Read the program in advance, or download it and help us go paperless!

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